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Indian Tattoos

t1Indian tattoos are immersed deep in culture and religion. Affluent with myths and beliefs in things to come, these traditional tattoos are said to represent a woman’s appreciation for glorifying an almighty being.

These beautiful tattoo designs are generally taken from Indian art and can also be associated with ornamental beauty and vanity. The most commonly seen Indian tattoo is that of the Mehndi or Henna, this tattoo is usually applied to the hands or feet using single small dots to make out an entire image. Customarily these tattoos are done only for special occasions such as a wedding or a significant event in a woman’s life. Other popular Indian designs are that of the lotus flower, peacocks, and elephants, all of which are steeped in the customs of Indian history and art. Often in the West Indian tattoos will be seen blended Arabic writings or ancient texts to express more spirituality and emotion

The level of detail required in most Indian tattoos takes a great artist and an ample amount time to complete, but the inspiration granted by these beautiful and articulate images are very expressive and will truly show a woman’s commitment to her beliefs.

Bee Tattoos

Bees are a popular insect design for women. They are fun and light hearted and represent fantasy; they can also reflect a venomous personality with a stinger that should be feared. Most bee tattoos are either cute or big and mean. I have also seen queen bee tattoos that tell everyone that you’re in charge. They can come in a verity of different colors, most popular being the standard black and yellow. Bee tattoos can also be shown with flowers or other images to reflect a softer side of your personality.

Butterfly Tattoos

t4Butterfly tattoos are probably the most popular tattoo design for females. A majority of tattoo artists surveyed said that women request this design more than any other. It’s not surprising that butterfly tattoos are a favorite among women, these beautiful creatures have always been expressive with millions of patterns and shapely lines, their bright colors can adorn any canvas magnificently. People who decide on a Butterfly designs usually make their decision based on their beauty but they also represent freedom, peace, and transformation, symbols of our spirit, the butterfly has a piece of all of us in them.

There are thousands of butterfly tattoo designs to choose from and deciding on the right one for you can take a considerable amount to time. Do some research here and make sure that you chose one that matches your personality. I would also recommend studying these insects in nature and watching the how they react and move during flight, this can help you in deciding how you would like to have your butterfly be displayed. Tribal butterflies are also popular images; these are just simple like prints or stamps and they often carry a deep culture significance and meaning. Another nice butterfly tattoo trait is that you can place them just about anywhere on the body, they can be made small or large and shaped for placement just about anywhere on your canvas


Often overlooked is the sexiness of a butterfly tattoo, these deigns that aren’t only beautiful and carry significant meaning but they can also show sassiness and really display to onlookers your feminine qualities. The timeless image of a butterfly has been around for centuries and universally understood across cultures, it will always be a popular choice for woman and girls of all ages.

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